Carlos Ignacio Gallego was appointed as President of Grupo Nutresa

“It is an honor and an outstanding responsibility to succeed Carlos Enrique Piedrahita” affirmed the new President

Medellín, 19 March 2014. The Board of Directors of Grupo Nutresa announced today the appointment Civil Engineer, Carlos Ignacio Gallego as new president of the organization, who will take office as of April 1st.

Gallego has more than 25 years of experience. As part of his career, the most relevant highlights include his professional capacity, his experience at Grupo Nutresa and his outstanding human qualities – these were the most conclusive reasons for the Board when making the decision.

“It is very satisfactory, and yet challenging to be part of Grupo Nutresa. It is such a responsibility to assume the Presidency of the company – but having such a committed and professional human team makes me feel confident in this process”, affirmed Gallego, new President of Grupo Nutresa.

The announcement strengthens the continuity of the Group as a “multilatina” company that places all its bets on sustainability, and which continuously seeks for growth and expansion opportunities on the global market.

“In Carlos Ignacio Gallego, we have found a person who offers all the qualities to succeed Carlos Enrique Piedrahita. His experience in Grupo Nutresa, with more than 20 years of work devoted to these companies, his clear knowledge of social responsibility and his outstanding results as business president in the Chocolate business are sufficient for him to be appointed as such” affirmed Antonio Celia, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo Nutresa. “I am convinced that the new president of Grupo Nutresa will lead the organization through a profitable and sustainable growth path. The Board, upon completing this process, is very pleased with this decision” highlighted Celia.

The purpose of Gallego from now on will be to continue with the strategy to expand and strengthen Grupo Nutresa abroad, by positioning the Group as one of the most sustainable organizations in the food industry, and to achieve the MEGA 2020, as part of the Strategy for our First Century.

“Carlos Ignacio Gallego is greatly experienced in Grupo Nutresa, not just as engineer, but he also had the unrivalled experience of creating a new company: Servicios Nutresa, nowadays essential for the competitiveness of the entire Group” stressed David Bojanini García, President of Grupo Sura and member of the Board of Directors of Grupo Nutresa, “recently as president of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, he consolidated his experience. This, in addition to his excellent human quality, constitutes sufficient grounds for him to assume the challenge to lead Grupo Nutresa.”

On the other hand, José Alberto Vélez, President of Grupo Argos, stated that “due to his wonderful professional and human skills, Carlos Ignacio Gallego is an excellent successor of Carlos Enrique Piedrahita.”


The new CEO of Grupo Nutresa is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration. Born in Medellín on September 23, 1964, Dr. Gallego is married to Isabel Cristina Trujillo; they have two daughters.

The new senior official, who replaces outgoing Carlos Enrique Piedrahíta, has worked for Grupo Nutresa since 1991, when he entered Compañía Nacional de Chocolates as Technical Planning Engineer. He has held, among others, the position of Head of Production, Industrial Vice President, President of Servicios Nutresa until 2012 and, to date, President of the Grupo Nutresa Chocolate Business; transversally, he has served as Vice President of the South Strategic Region, covering Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Currently, Doctor Gallego is a principal member of the boards of directors of Suramericana de Seguros de Vida and Suramericana de Seguros Generales, Tres Montes Luchetti (Chile) and Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, based in Costa Rica.

A great entrepreneur in issues of social responsibility, the new Nutresa CEO is also part of the managing bodies of Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe, the Instituto Tecnológico Pascual Bravo, the Corporations Pueblo de los Niños and San Pablo, as well as the Centro de Fe y Cultura.

In the past, he has been a member of the boards of ICONTEC, Antioquia Presente, Corporación Unidad de Conocimiento, Ábaco Food Bank Network in Colombia and Cornare, representing the President of the Republic.

Carlos Ignacio studied Civil Engineering at EAFIT University. He has a Masters in Business Administration from the same School of Administration, as well as having studied various graduate programs in Harvard, Northwestern and MIT Universities, focused on strategic business management.