Sustainable development is the management framework of Grupo Nutresa, and in this sense is committed to contributing to the development of an economic model that goes hand in hand with social development, generating benefits for all of its stakeholders and in equilibrium with the environment.

Our sustainability management

Sustainable development is the guide for action in Grupo Nutresa and frames its short–, medium– and long–term strategy.

It is an ability that allows us to consistently prosper and progress economically, and contribute to social development in balance with the environment. In this regard, risks are managed; opportunities are capitalized on; our value chain, the quality of products, experiences and services are continuously strengthened; and excellence in corporate governance practices is sought.

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Acting with integrity

For Grupo Nutresa behaving with integrity is synonymous with building trust in their stakeholders…

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Fostering profitable growth and effective innovation

Grupo Nutresa focuses its efforts towards generating a differentiated offer of products…

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Promoting a healthy lifestyle

The consumer welfare is a priority for Grupo Nutresa, therefore works in promoting healthy lifestyles

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Managing responsibly the value chain

Grupo Nutresa responsibly manages its value chain through the integral development of its employees to improve their productivity and quality of life…

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Building a better society

Grupo Nutresa focuses on strengthening the capabilities of the communities with which it interacts to promote their growth and development…

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Reducing the environmental impact of the operations and products

Grupo Nutresa extends its commitment working for eco-efficiency in its supply chain and reducing the environmental impact of its products in their life cycle…

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Materiality analysis