Building a better society

In this strategic priority,
Grupo Nutresa explains the progress and management of three material issues:

Human Rights


Consolidating an inclusive and diverse work culture by means of a management system that promotes respect for the Human Rights and good labor practices, and that contributes to the innovation, attraction and commitment of the human talent.

Developing capabilities and education


Promoting the empowerment of communities through the development of pedagogic, leadership and management capabilities in both school and community environments with the purpose of encouraging solidarity, knowledge transfer and collaboration networks with the participation of volunteers from Grupo Nutresa’s companies in an effort to reduce inequality.

Food security and nutrition


Designing and undertaking initiatives focused on the eradication of hunger that create possibilities for nutrition and development capabilities related to healthy habits such as a balanced diet, effective hygiene and physical activity practices in low-income populations. Additionally, promoting the access to and production of food products by means of community vegetable gardens is another purpose of the organization.

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