Managing responsibly the value chain

In this strategic priority,
Grupo Nutresa explains the progress and management of four material issues:

Development of our people


Promoting the comprehensive development of the human capital with the purpose of achieving the availability, commitment and productivity of the employees, guaranteeing their capabilities and talents in the short, medium and long term to secure the achievement of the Organization’s goals.

Quality of life


Promoting safe and healthy work environments that contribute to the strengthening of a self-care culture and to the well-being and balance of the employees, positively influencing thus their productivity and commitment to the Organization.

Responsible sourcing


Ensuring the continuity of the business, capitalizing opportunities and managing the risks which are not directly controlled by the Company by incorporating economic, social and environmental variables in the management of the supply chain.

Responsible sales


Providing customers with differentiated value propositions that contribute to their growth, profitability and sustainability, with the purpose of generating value to Grupo Nutresa through their satisfaction and loyalty. It also contributes to the development of the communities through the Organization´s commercial relation with them.

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