Corporate Governance

Placing good corporate governance as a strategic focus leads Grupo Nutresa to manage the material issue of Governance, ethics and transparency, in order to ensure that the actions of its companies are based on a framework of ethical behavior and good conduct. This protects the financial capital of the Group, provides trust to shareholders and gives guarantees to employees and third parties on the transparency, impartiality and accountability of the decisions and
directions given by the governing bodies of the Organization.


Ensure the actions of Grupo Nutresa are given in a framework of ethical behavior and good conduct and guarantee transparency, impartiality and responsibility in the decisions and directions of its governing bodies.


  • Measure the continuous performance and improvement of the governing bodies and management of the Organization.
  • Maintain an active operation of the Ethics, Transparency and Conflicts–of–Interest Committee.
  • Develop and implement a policy to negotiate shares.
  • Ensure the prevention and control of the risks associated with Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism (ML / FT).
  • Establish mechanisms for reporting issues related to ethics and conduct.

Progress on the 2014 strategies

  • The Board of Directors and the members of the Organization’s Steering Committee were evaluated by an independent firm for the second time.
  • Ten cases of possible conflicts of interest were evaluated and resolved and recommendations were made to protect the interests of the Company.
  • In order to prevent insider trading by the Legal Representative and other Company administrators, a policy to negotiate shares was implemented.
  • A total of 130 internal managers were trained to prevent MLFT risks and more than 13,000 employees, temporary workers and contractors were involved in awareness programs on the topic.
  • Through the Ethics Hotline, 25 reports were handled by the areas responsible. There were 102 incidents committed that attacked the anti–fraud and anti–corruption policy of the Grupo Nutresa companies, and relevant measures were taken.

Commitment 2020

Maintain excellence in the management of corporate governance through the implementation of leading practices in the world.


Good corporate governance will continue being a
differentiating element for investors when selecting
their objectives. The Grupo Nutresa Code of Good
Governance will be constantly updated, in line with
the highest international standards.