Strategic Framework


Our Centennial Strategy is aimed at duplicating by 2020, the sales of 2013, with sustained profitability between 12% and 14% of the EBITDA margin.

2 x $ 5.9 trillion: 11.8 trillion

Our mission is to permanently create added-value by providing an outstanding return on investment over and above the cost of capital employed.

As a Food comapny, we strive to enhance the quality of life of our consumers and secure the progress of our employees.


We strive to obtain a level of profitable growth with our leading brands, while providing a superior customer service with excellent distribution networks, both at home and abroad.

We carry out our activities with a firm commitment to Sustainable Development, using the best human talent available, incorporating an outstanding level of innovation thereby attaining an exemplary level of corporate performance.

Strategic Objectives

Sustainable Development

The highest purpose of Grupo Nutresa is to build a better world where development is for everyone. This is the management framework of the Organization, and in this sense it is committed to contribute to the development of an economic model that goes hand in hand with social development, generating benefits for all its stakeholders and is in balance with the environment.

Effective Innovation

Innovation in Grupo Nutresa seeks to transversally strengthen the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Organization throughout the value chain. Through the implementation of new ideas, new business models are made possible, the commitment by the team of employees rises to identify or improve processes and products, and different capitals of the company are transformed.

Profitable Growth

The centennial strategy of Grupo Nutresa is aimed at doubling our 2013 sales by 2020, with profitability between 12% and 14%. To achieve this, the Organization offers consumers foods and experiences of recognized and beloved brands that nourish, generate wellness and pleasure; that are widely available in its strategic region; managed by talented, innovative, committed, responsible people.

Growing Value Generation

Grupo Nutresa pursues increasing value generation, achieving an outstanding return on investments, greater than the cost of capital employed.