Grupo Nutresa'a nutrition policy

In Grupo Nutresa we delivery quality of life to consumers with product alternatives that satisfy their aspirations in nutrition, health and wellness, and encourage strategies to promote healthy lifestyles and informed decision making.

Innovation in health and nutrition

In compliance with its commitment to its consumers and in line with global food trends, Grupo Nutresa evaluates innovative products considering its composition, and taking into account two dimensions: nutrients to restrict and nutrients to increase. This helps to determine those that can be considered innovations in health and nutrition.

Guidelines to read our packages

One of the objectives of the Grupo Nutresa nutritional strategy is to provide consumers with tools that help them acquire proper eating habits and be knowledgeable about food.

Healthy lifestyles

Grupo Nutresa has deepened its understanding of healthy lifestyles; for this reason, since 2015 and through the Nutresa brand, it has presented a strategy that teaches and accompanies consumers in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Research in nutrition, health and wellness

In Grupo Nutresa, research as a component of the innovation model is conducted in the research centers of the different businesses and in Corporación Vidarium – Research Center in Nutrition, Health and Wellness.