Nutresa Ventures

Through its Nutresa Ventures program, Grupo Nutresa supplement its portfolio with technology transfer ventures that support its nutrition, health and well-being strategy. The Organization builds capacities in its Businee Units and entrepreneurship projects by means of two-way memorandum od understanding.

In the first stage of its “Nutresa Ventures” cosporate venture program, Grupo Nutresa will invest in highly innovative companies that are at early incorporation stages and have a great potential to produce significant changes in the food industry fundamentals.

The investment will be focused on three main capabilities:

ico Nutrition and Wellness:

Design of food solutions that meet the consumer's nutrition, health and wellness aspirations.

ico Go-to-Market:

Development of new ways of engaging and reaching our customers, consumers and shoppers.

ico Productivity and Sustainability:

Adoption of technologies that maximize the Organization’s efficiency and sustainability.

This is how, Grupo Nutresa opens a strategic window to new knowledge, product categories and business models that enable it to discover and embrace the new transformational forces of the industry, promote disruptive innovation and supplemen its current business and talent ecosystem.


The first stage of the program will be developed in partnership with Veronorte, an investment management firm that is committed to maximizing the sustainable progress, human empowerment and the common good. As part of its strategy corporate venture programs are , it designed, implemented and managed jointly with major companies from emerging markets.

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