The partner of Colombian companies in their internationalization process.

Inspired by collaborative models developed around the world, especially the Asian models in which consortiums stimulate small and medium-sized company exports, Grupo Nutresa has incorporated C.I. Nutrading, through which will contribute to the country’s exports development based on its knowledge, capabilities and experience in internationalization processes.


Internationalization as a service.

C.I. Nutrading was designed to be a partner of Colombian companies and to change the export dynamics in Colombia by,  facilitating the access to commercial networks and clients abroad with international logistics and capacity development.

Grupo Nutresa’s internationalization model was initially leveraged through partnerships and the creation of trading companies. Later, in the search for greater effectiveness and more ambitious objectives, an acquisition plan was initiated as a strategic vehicle to be a relevant player in the countries of the region.


This internationalization model has been brought to fruition by a team that values cultural differences and acts locally with a global vision, in addition to having the openness and humility necessary to take on any type of challenges.


If you are interested in an internationalization process for your company and you have a portfolio in any of the proposed categories, apply here:

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