Where are we going

Our 2020-2030 strategy

Today, our vision of the future is focused on generating progress and development for everyone. Inspired by the human being, we promote sustainable development by embracing the capacities required to avoid environmental damage, and bring prosperity to the communities Grupo Nutresa interacts with across the strategic region.

The progress of the communities and the protection of the planet are top priorities for Grupo Nutresa and are directly related to the ability to manage the business while meeting the expectations and needs of our stakeholders. To achieve this, we strive to work proactive, and  to encourage the analysis and interpretation of trends, emerging global challenges, new technologies and evolving preferences of clients, shoppers and consumers.


These capabilities are necessary to thrive in an increasingly aware, changing and competitive world. We are confident that the sources of innovation and productivity that generate value and competitive advantage come from the solutions to the social, environmental, and economic challenges facing our society.

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