Preserving the planet


Grupo Nutresa works on the implementation and execution of effective environmental management systems based on the continuous improvement, the prevention and control of pollution, the protection of the environment, the eco-efficiency in its supply chain aiming to preserve biodiversity, and the reduction of the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycle. The purpose of these actions is to make a positive contribution to maintaining a harmonic relationship between profitable growth and environmental performance where eco-efficiency is one of the main decision making criteria.

Material topics


Reducing the production of waste and increasing its recovery and reutilization in both the direct operations and the value chain by extending the life cycle of the materials.

Strategic approaches

  • Increasing the use of recyclable, reusable or compostable materials.
  • Strengthening the initiatives focused on the eco-design of wrappers and packaging.
  • Designing and implementing initiatives focused on closing the cycle of postconsumption plastic materials.
  • Implementing packaging reutilization models.
  • Reducing the waste from Grupo Nutresa’s operations that is disposed of into the environment.

Food loss and waste

Approach is to improve food security, increase the offer of food intended for human consumption and promote the transformation of non-edible parts into usable food products.

Strategic approach

  • Reducing food loss and waste in both the operations and the value chain.

Climate action

Managing the risks associated with global warming with the objective of limiting their impact, reducing the Organization’s vulnerabilities and increasing its resilience with regard to climate change.

Strategic approach

  • Achieving resilient sourcing operations while mitigating risks in the value chain.
  • Achieving sustainable operations and logistics.
  • Innovating in terms of carbon-efficient products, services and experiences.
  • Making responsible investments for the climate.
  • Contributing to the adaptation to climate change, risk management, and culture transformation.

Biodiversity and ecosystemic services

Ensuring the sustainable origin of the commodities based on a model that allows keeping a balance between sustainability and productivity while maintaining the competitiveness of the sourcing processes.

Strategic approach

  • Sustainably managing the operations that carry a significant importance for biodiversity.
  • Developing actions for the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Promoting sustainable sourcing operations that conserve biodiversity for 100% of the commodities.
  • Developing capabilities and partnerships centered on biodiversity and nature.

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