Strategic pillars



Education for Society

Facilitating the development of human potential in society to promote sustainability, justice and peace.


Liderazgo y gestión escolar (School Leadership)

Building the institutional capacities of schools, as well as the leadership skills of academic directors and teachers to contribute to an inclusion-based, fair and high-quality education.

Líderes Siglo XXI (21st Century Leaders Education Program)


Since 1994, this program has represented a bet on education; it is an inclusion-driven corporate endeavor that brings multiple actors together and creates opportunities for reflecting and building a better country.

The education program entitled  Líderes Siglo XXI (21st Century Leaders) is an experience that transforms the institutional culture of the education institutions that are interested in improving its school management processes. The program focuses on training better academic directors and teachers who lead change processes at the same time they get the school community involved.

Education focused on creating opportunities

Contributing to the enhancement of the necessary skills for accessing jobs, decent work and entrepreneurship.

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