Cooperating with people, our partners and society

Grupo Nutresa contributes to the human and territorial development of the countries where it operates in order to strengthen people’s potential, putting at the service of society and all allies its knowledge, practices and experiences by means of the collaboration and the implementation of relevant, effective and sustainable initiatives that have a positive impact on the improvement of the learning processes and drive the stakeholders’ competitiveness, the respect for Human Rights, as well as people’s nutrition, health and well-being. This will be fulfilled by acquiring new knowledge that allows developing high-impact and significantly relevant innovations.

Material issues

Nutrition and healthy lifestyles

Offering products and menus that meet the nutrition and well-being expectations of consumers, while actively promoting healthy lifestyles and designing initiatives centered on eradicating hunger and undernutrition, thus facilitating the access to healthy food products through the development of capabilities related to sustainable agriculture.

Strategic approach

  • Innovating in products while meeting nutritional and health-related criteria.
  • Implementing the front-panel nutritional label in all the products.
  • Reducing the content of critical nutrients regarding public health (sugar, sodium and saturated fats).
  • Developing capabilities related to food security and regenerative agriculture in both urban and rural communities.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Contributing to the eradication of hunger and malnutrition by working jointly with the food banks.

Quality of life and employment

Consolidating an inclusion-driven and diverse work culture that fosters the comprehensive development of the human capital, thus achieving availability, commitment, productivity and balance by means of safe and healthy work environments.

Strategic approach

  • Transforming the talent.
  • Managing the employees’ well-being and quality of life.

Quality and traceability

Ensuring the satisfaction, well-being and nutrition of consumers with safe and high-quality products under strict compliance with the legal framework based on the quality management and food safety systems.

Strategic approach

  • Consolidating the certifications and maintaining the management systems.
  • Ensuring food safety.
  • Building capabilities for the exports to key markets by implementing GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards and complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for the United States.
  • Managing food regulatory procedures.
  • Working on furthering the digital transformation.
  • Having a crisis management and product recall protocol in place.

Human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion

Implementing comprehensive actions that guarantee the development of capabilities and the connection of base-level communities with real opportunities in terms of employment, entrepreneurship and educational continuity.

Strategic approach

  • Strengthening the Human Rights management system.
  • Bridging gaps in terms of gender equality.
  • Creating opportunities for the development of the youth.
  • Promoting work inclusion for people with disabilities.
  • Fostering inclusion to improve the employees’ socioeconomic levels.
  • Supporting processes to promote reconciliation and peace in Colombia.
  • Promotion of multicultural exchange activities.


Managing and promoting high-impact innovation by collaborating with the global science, technology and innovation ecosystem in order to gain new knowledge that will allow researching and developing products, services, experiences and business models.

Strategic approach

  • Enhancing the Organization’s growth via intrapreneurship initiatives.
  • Innovating in terms of opportunities with a significant impact.
  • Strengthening the technological monitoring processes.
  • Creating and managing the innovation ecosystem map.
  • Adopting the Imagix Model in all geographies.
  • Using Imagix 2.0 programs and tools thoroughly.

Development of territories and social inclusion

Implementing comprehensive actions that guarantee the development of capabilities and the connection of base-level communities with real opportunities in terms of employment, entrepreneurship and educational continuity.

Strategic approach

  • Running projects with the communities to develop their capabilities.
  • Developing school leadership and management capabilities among teachers and academic directors.
  • Strengthening education strategies to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people and women.
  • Developing socio-entrepreneurial capabilities, as well as capabilities focused on the conservation of biodiversity and on the resilience to climate change among farmers associations that are suppliers of the Organization.
  • Driving solidarity through volunteering.

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