Research and innovation

Grupo Nutresa manages and promotes high-impact innovation in collaboration with the science, technology and global innovation ecosystems, seeking to acquire new knowledge that enables the research and development of products, services, experiences and business models.

What is innovation from Grupo Nutresa’s viewpoint?

For Grupo Nutresa, innovation is a strategic driver that becomes the engine of growth and competitiveness for the achievement of results in the strategic region and the markets where the Organization operates.
It is the creation and implementation of a new or improved product, service, process or business model that increases the recipient’s perception of value, and it is managed by a human talent group with strong networking capabilities that dares to take risks.

Imagix is Grupo Nutresa’s corporate model for the integrated management of innovation. It is actionable and measurable, and it is under permanent evolution to build Grupo Nutresa’s future and competitiveness with actions based on its strategy. Imagix articulates resources, processes and the development of capabilities both inside and outside our Organization in a systematic and deliberate way.

Defining a vision and scope
Defining the vision, scope and articulation of the innovation strategy with Grupo Nutresa’s general strategy and its business strategy.
Being actionable and measurable
To produce tangible results through the integrated management of the model and the implementation of metrics tailored to the strategy.
Ensuring power, impact and speed
Increasing productivity and competitiveness through the efficient use of both the internal and external resources.
Building capabilities
Managing the talent and knowledge of the employees with the aim of enabling innovation at all levels and among all roles within the Organization.

Innovation processes are those that enable us to identify challenges or opportunities, and to develop solutions that create value both inside and outside the Organization.
It contributes knowledge and capabilities to strengthen and accelerate the innovation projects through the connection of multiple actors, such as: companies, universities, entrepreneurs, investors, the government, etc.
Set of projects that have diverse durations, themes and scopes, and are focused on enhancing the growth and competitiveness of each one of Grupo Nutresa’s Business Units.
It is the main enabler in the process of transforming innovation into a natural behavior within Grupo Nutresa.
Imagix is recognized by all Grupo Nutresa employees as the Corporate Innovation Model. It has succeeded in creating participative environments and opportunities with its programs throughout its evolution.

It is a program focused on the participation in the formulation and implementation of ideas that have the main objective of creating a continued improvement culture, fostering curiosity and observation, and promoting voluntary participation among all Grupo Nutresa employees.
Grupo Nutresa’s program created with the aim of incubating, funding and accelerating disruptive innovation projects. An initiative that enables developing the entrepreneurial potential, in addition to proposing and helping to build new horizons of growth for the Company.
This program intents to promote innovation in the Business Units through a team of passionate people who have broad knowledge on multiple methodologies and tools used to transform Grupo Nutresa’s culture by enabling the Imagix Model in all its dimensions and creating value for all related processes.
Innovative Solutions is a cross-organizational open participation program focused on overcoming strategic or tactical impact challenges. This program has the objective of creating a collaborative work culture, promoting the participation in innovation initiatives and incorporating the use of innovation methodologies and tools.
The implementation of the model has increasingly dynamized the innovation-driven sales and has allowed transcending toward the innovation in processes and new business models.

Grupo Nutresa is prepared to experience innovation based on the creation of a culture that enables the design of dynamic business models that generate new profitable growth opportunities.

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