Research and innovation

Grupo Nutresa manages and promotes high-impact innovation in collaboration with the science, technology and global innovation ecosystems, seeking to acquire new knowledge that enables the research and development of products, services, experiences and business models.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a fundamental part of an assertive, purposeful and innovative corporate model focused on offering better experiences to customers and consumers.


Grupo Nutresa materializes digital transformation through a capacity building strategy that contributes to the fulfillment of its objectives, its sustainable and profitable growth and its permanent innovation; while benefiting suppliers, clients, customers and consumers, and fostering agility.


The development of relevant and attractive digital services for the stakeholders boosts sales growth, improves competitiveness and generates unique and memorable experiences.

The transformation applies to all organizational processes and is based upon the following pillars:

Exploration of new technologies

Monitoring and exploration of technologies from the fourth industrial revolution in early maturity stages.

Capacity development projects

Exploration and adoption of technologies that are at middle and high maturity levels jointly, with research centers, entrepreneurs and other actors from the ecosystem.

Go-to-market evaluation

Development of digital capabilities that transform the interaction and experience with customers and consumers, and enable the creation of new go-to-market methodologies and business models in e-commerce, channels, market and other value-added services.

Culture and talent capacity

Capacity development and transformation of the ways of working within an adaptive environment that promotes agility and flexibility.

Corporate Innovation Program

For Grupo Nutresa, innovation is at both strategic lever and the driver of growth and competitiveness that allows achieving results in the strategic region and the markets where the Organization operates. It begins with a deep knowledge on both customers and consumers, and the construction of a long-term vision resulting from forward-planning exercises. This long-term vision, combined with a culture that enables processes, materializes in products, services, initiatives and new value-adding business models.


Grupo Nutresa is highly prepared to experience innovation based on the creation of a culture that enables the design of dynamic business models that generate new profitable growth opportunities.


Innovation is dynamic, involves all areas of the business and incorporates a digital strategy supported on eight specific skills that allow developing incremental and radical innovations in processes, channels and businesses.


Implementing the innovation-centered strategy, and structuring the governance model.

Strengthening the innovation programs.

Building Grupo Nutresa's innovation project portafolio.

Consolidating the knowledge management culture.

Discovering and making progress in the identification of new digital technologies and their contribution to innovation and productivity.

Nutrition and Healthy Living

For Grupo Nutresa, being part of the food sector means to operate on a dynamic regulatory framework and on a horizon of increasingly shorter product and technology life cycles.

The Organization revolves around consumers -and their quality of life- , which are the core of its strategy. That is why the Company permanently works on reformulating its portfolio and developing new products that fullfill their aspirations in terms of nutrition, health and wellness.





This strategic priority encompasses, among others issue, the global challenges of obesity and malnutrition, as outlined by the World Health Organization. Moreover, Grupo Nutresa recognizes that consumers are increasingly aware of their eating habits, which has increased the demand for food products with greater nutritional density, but with a lower caloric content.


This has driven Grupo Nutresa to incorporate into its strategy the commitment to multiply the portfolio of products that meet a healthy profile standar; to become a more active corporate citizen in the engagement with consumers; and to transform human and social capital in order to foster healthy habits and healthier lifestyles.

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