A company that becomes a piece of your heart

20 March, 2023

A home, a company and a great deal of happi – ness, that is what Grupo Nutresa means to Jaime Tamayo. He started working as coordinator of the technical department in 1964.

This position was his job his entire life and, while performing it, Jaime overcame challenges like opening the first Nacional de Chocolates factory in Rionegro and the construction of the production plant in Bogotá. “To me, my company was like a really big school. I was there when the production plants started operating. I remember the factory so fondly, it was my entire world and I always thought of it as my own,” states Jaime, Grupo Nutresa retiree. For her part, Gloria Saldarriaga remem – bers the company with the same fondness as Jaime. In her case, Grupo Nutresa’s Nacional de Chocolates is a company that remained “tattooed” in her heart, it was her happy place.

She joined the company to create the occupational health program in 1969. Another goal of hers was to improve the hearing health of machine operators. Today, she is proud of the fact that the then young operators were able to reach adulthood without suffering any type of deafness. “I was happy throughout my professional life. I loved how they promoted all my ideas to im – prove them. With the support of the team, we were able to implement many programs that helped to generate well-being,” adds Gloria.

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