Consolidated half-year revenues for Grupo Nutresa grow 4,0% and its EBITDA margin stands at 12,5%

27 July, 2018
  • Grupo Nutresa’s half-year sales grow 4,0% when compared to the previous year, amounting to COP 4,3 trillion.
  • Sales in Colombia amount to COP 2,8 trillion, 4,4% higher than the corresponding revenues in 2017.
  • Sales abroad, which reflect a 5,9% growth in U.S. dollars, amount to USD 547,3 million.
  • In terms of profitability, the consolidated EBITDA totals COP 540.016 million, representing 12.5% of sales.

Medellín, July 27th, 2018. Grupo Nutresa S.A. (BVC: NUTRESA) dreports its Consolidated Earnings Results as of June 30, 2018.

Grupo Nutresa maintains its growing sales dynamics both locally and abroad, as well as a positive result in terms of profitability. Consolidated revenues amount to COP 4,3 trillion, representing a 4,0% increase, while innovation sales represent 21,9% of the total revenues.

Sales in Colombia amount to COP 2,8 trillion, which represent 64% of Grupo Nutresa’s total revenues, exhibiting a growth of 4,4% with regard to the corresponding term in 2017. This is the result of a 3,8% growth in volumes along with a cautious pricing strategy and a proactive investment in our brands across the multiple channels served.

International sales total USD 547,3 million, representing 36% of total sales, with a 5,9% growth in dollars. These revenues represent COP 1,5 trillion when stated in Colombian pesos.

Grupo Nutresa’s operating profit amounts to COP 400.292 million, with an operating margin of 9,3%. This result comprises a 6,3% increase in selling expenses along with a 0,7% and 3,5% increase in both administrative and production expenses.

In terms of profitability, an EBITDA of COP 540.016 million is reported, which represents a 2,4% growth compared to the corresponding term in 2017 and is equivalent to 12,5% of total revenues.

Net post-operative expenses, which amount to COP 60.637 million, exhibit a reduction of 43,4% with regard to the corresponding term in 2017 as a consequence of a significant decrease in financial expenses.

Consolidated net profit amounts to COP 245.137 million, representing 5,7% of total revenues and exhibiting a 4,0% increase.

Finally, in other relevant news, we are pleased to report that Grupo Nutresa was ranked as the top company in terms of talent attraction and retention not only in the food industry but overall in Colombia. The ranking was published by the Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation –MERCO– in its ninth edition. This acknowledgment confirms our decision to work on the comprehensive development of our employees, and it strengthens our conviction of creating and managing higher-achieving goals that continue to inspire and motivate our teams in the creation of a Future Together.

Separate Financial Statements of Grupo Nutresa S.A.

The Separate Financial Statements of Grupo Nutresa S.A. report COP 253.622 million in operating revenues for the half of 2018, which are derived from the application of the equity method on subsidiaries and associated companies for COP 196.236 million, and from the recognition of dividends from the investment portfolio totaling COP 57.386 million. Net profit is COP 252.687 million and equity amounts to COP 8,5 trillion.

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