Dialogs that transcend

20 March, 2023
Tresmontes Lucchetti executive officers and union members.

In Chile, the conversations between the unions and the Company are solidified with a vision of well-being that enables collaborative progress. Tresmontes Lucchetti, Grupo Nutresa’s Business Unit in Chile, has committed to establishing a closer engagement with several union groups related to the Organization. As a result of this, strengthened trust-based relationships have been solidified under the goal of ensuring the well-being of the em – ployees, their families and the Company itself.

Thanks to this commitment to human de – velopment and to the constant conversations that give way to perspectives for everybody and a union engagement model, they were selected as the winners of the Carlos Vial Espantoso Foundation in 2022, an acknowl – edgment to the most relevant labor relations in the countrywide context. Their excellence-lev – el practices, centered on people’s comprehensive growth and labor relations, based on closeness and trust, were key aspects in the process of being awarded such accolade. With an open-door philosophy, they have made progress in the two-way growth and well-being. The engagement with the unions has been the key: “We are building our enterprise project jointly with the union organizations. We have been able to solidify our conversations and deepen our mutual trust, with the firm conviction that we have a common future,” highlights Tomás Gumucio, Human and Organizational Manager. With a system that manages the day-today operating and particular needs, which also develops progress related to the Company’s most strategic and future-centered topics on a regular basis, and with the participation of Tresmontes Lucchetti’s CEO, they are able to deploy programs focused on mental and physical health, housing, education, prepara – tion for retirement and, in general, issues that are essential for the future of both the Organization and everyone that is part of it. José Pablo Lara Benavente, imports assis – tant at Tresmontes Lucchetti and Chairman of Union number 2, underlines that within this labor engagement system “trust is es – sential, because it’s ultimately about human relationships that need such trust to achieve mutual understanding. In this Organization, we are not just numbers, we are people.”

José Pablo Lara Benavente, Chairman of Union number 2. Carlos Vial Espantoso Awards 2022.

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