Grupo Nutresa incorporates “Basic Kitchen”, new food commercialization company

11 August, 2021

Grupo Nutresa announced the incorporation of “Basic Kitchen S. A. S.”, a company that will commercialize food products in Colombia, including products under “BADIA” trademark.

The new company was incorporated with an initial capital of COP, and will be 80% owned by Grupo Nutresa, through one of its subsidiaries.

The Badia brand was created in Miami in 1967 by a family-owned company registered under the same name. With more than 50 years of history and distribution in 70 countries around the world, Badia is recognized today for its flavors, colors and aromas thanks to the production of condiments and spices for beginner and expert cooks based on high-quality ingredients, and culinary innovations from every corner of the planet.

About the incorporation of this new company, Grupo Nutresa’s CEO Carlos Ignacio Gallego P. stated: “We are entering this new condiment category through the distribution of Badia, an already broadly recognized brand with a high growth potential. Our objective includes reaching new Colombian regions with the brand based on our proven market entry capabilities. This is another step towards our purpose of delivering complete and high-value solutions to the consumers, and offering a better culinary experience supported on the rest of Grupo Nutresa’s portfolio“.

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