Grupo Nutresa is committed to partnerships focused on mitigating climate change

20 March, 2023

In 2022, Grupo Nutresa’s company Pozuelo, headquartered in Costa Rica, signed the Climate Action Agreement. This gesture is one more effort toward fulfilling the Organization’s goal for 2030. As part of its sustainable management, the Organization strives to maintain a balance with planet Earth by taking care of forests, ecosystems, fauna, flora and, in general, all natural resources for future generations. One of the actions that sheds light on this commitment is the Climate Action Agreement signed by the Company in Costa Rica, a fact that enabled Grupo Nutresa’s cookies and crackers company Pozuelo, other private enterprises and public institutions to be geared towards using increasingly cleaner energies that allow decreasing the emissions of CO2 eq

“With this agreement, we are building a guiding framework that will raise the organizations’ awareness about the effects of greenhouse gases. That is why it fills us with joy that Pozuelo has joined the alliance, and it is the only company from the food sector that is participating,” states Fernando Mora Rodríguez, director of the climate change and environment department at Aliarse, a foundation focused on sustainability and equity. This action facilitates the knowledge transparency with experts and bolsters the joint work networks with the aim of establishing public-private synergies capable of overcoming the climate action challenges. In addition, other projects funded by the British Government and the Environment and Climate Change Program in Latin America and the Caribbean, ARAUCLIMA are also materializing. “We have transformed our processes to make them more efficient, thus requiring the use of less resources. For instance, we started using clean energies with photovoltaic panels and now this agreement allows us to reduce the greenhouse gases, learn new methodologies regarding how to do so and, ultimately, help to decarbonize our planet,” says José Alfredo Arce Chacón, sustainability coordinator at Pozuelo.

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