Grupo Nutresa ratifies its leadership as the most sustainable food company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

9 December, 2022
  • Grupo Nutresa is recognized as one of the leading companies in terms of sustainable practices globally, and remains the only Latin American food company in the world index.
  • For the thirteenth year, the company has positioned itself as a global sustainability benchmark in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.
  • The Company obtained the highest score within the food sector in the categories: Innovation Management, Tax Strategy, Policy Influence, Risk and Crisis Management, Social Reporting, Health and Nutrition, and Environmental Reporting

Medellín, December 9th, 2022. Grupo Nutresa has once again been ratified as the most sustainable food company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, thus demonstrating its commitment to sustainability in all its operations, showing compliance with the highest standards in social, environmental, economic and corporate governance matters, and positioning it as a world-class organization.

  • In the social dimension, the index highlights Grupo Nutresa’s Health and Nutrition, Human Capital Development and Social Reporting.
  • In the environmental dimension, outstanding practices are showcased in the Packaging, Impact Measurement and Environmental Reporting areas.
  • Finally, in the economic dimension, the organization obtained the best results in Innovation Management, Risk and Crisis Management, and Tax Strategy.

The permanence of Grupo Nutresa in these indices encourages the Company to maintain a constant commitment when adopting best practices and developing a collaborative work model which, together with its stakeholders, contributes to the care of people and the environment.

For Grupo Nutresa, being included for 13 consecutive years in the DJSI is a recognition for being a company that understands sustainability as a corporate capacity and a motivation to integrate a collaborative work model that creates value for its stakeholders in social, environmental and economic terms, not only from the identification and comprehensive management of risks, but also from the generation of opportunities and the contribution to the care of people and nature.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices group the best-performing companies in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), involving more than 13.000 companies around the world.

Other initiatives that confirm the commitment of Grupo Nutresa with sustainability include:

  • The Company recently adhered to the Women’s Empowerment Principles promoted by UN Women.
  • Grupo Nutresa subscribed its first sustainable loan linked to compliance with climate change and circular economy indicators.
  • Grupo Nutresa is the third company with the best reputation in Colombia, according to the MERCO Empresas 2022 monitor.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, President of Grupo Nutresa, said in this regard: “We are a people-centered organization and, as such, we constantly seek to contribute to their development and that of our stakeholders through collaborative work and the building of relationships of trust. This new leadership position at DJSI is the result of this philosophy, which continues to inspire us to continue building a better world where development is for everyone”.

Notes to the editor

About Grupo Nutresa

Grupo Nutresa S. A. (NUTRESA: BVC) is the leading processed food company in Colombia (53,7% market share) and one of the most relevant players in the sector in Latin America, with consolidated sales of COP 12,7 trillion in 8 business units: cold cuts, biscuits, chocolates, coffee, Tresmontes Lucchetti (TMLUC), retail food, ice cream, pasta, and others.

Grupo Nutresa is a diversified organization in terms of geography, products and supplies, with a direct presence in 17 countries and international sales amounting to USD 1,32 billion in more than 82 countries.

Grupo Nutresa was included for the thirteenth consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) 2022, and is the most sustainable food company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

As of December.31st, 2021

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