Grupo Nutresa, Silver Class in the Sustainability Yearbook

19 January, 2021
  • Grupo Nutresa was awarded Silver Class from the evaluation firm RobecoSAM for being one of the companies with the best performance in sustainability in the food sector in the world.

Based on the results of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), published in September 2016, and in which it stands out as the company with the second-best rating in the world in the food products industry, for the third year in a row Grupo Nutresa received the Silver Class Award 2017 for its excellent performance in sustainability matters from the evaluation firm RobecoSAM.

This recognition once again highlights the sustainability management and practices carried out during the last year by Grupo Nutresa in Colombia and in the regions where it operates.

In the economic dimension, the Organization was recognized for its work on risk and crisis management, codes of conduct, relations with clients, and health and nutrition. In the social dimension, it stood out for its efforts in social reporting, labor practices and human rights. Finally, in the environmental dimension, its strategies to mitigate risks associated with water, packaging material and raw material supply – as well as its environmental report – were considered for the rating.

According to Carlos Ignacio Gallego Palacio, Grupo Nutresa CEO, “Sustainability is, above all, a capacity associated with the possibility of generating value in the long term. When we do our work well in economic, social and environmental material issues, we are more likely to remain in the future and be preferred by our stakeholders. We are very proud to have been ranked as the second company in the world in the food sector in sustainability matters, according to the DJSI. This is a task that never ends and that depends on the work of each of the employees of the Organization.

Grupo Nutresa is convinced that to achieve A Future Together positive changes must be generated in individuals, families and communities, and it firmly believes that sustainability permits business development that generates value for its shareholders and stakeholders.

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