In 2019, Grupo Nutresa’s sales growth stands at 10,5% with an EBITDA margin of 13,5%

21 February, 2020
  • Total sales amounted to COP 9,96 trillion, with a 10,5% increase over 2018 revenues.
  • Sales in Colombia grew 8,1% when compared to 2018 sales, amounting to COP 6,20 trillion.
  • International sales increased 14,5%, and reached COP 3,76 trillion. In USD, these revenues totaled USD 1.142 million, a 3,0% increase over the previous year.
  • The EBITDA amounts to COP 1,35 trillion, which is equivalent to 13,5% of the sales.
  • In ESG related matters, Grupo Nutresa was recognized as the most sustainable food company in the Dow Jones World Index 2019.

Medellin, February 21, 2020. Grupo Nutresa S. A. (BVC: NUTRESA) discloses its consolidated earnings results as of December 31, 2019.

In 2019, Grupo Nutresa exhibited good commercial dynamics, achieving consolidated sales for COP 9,96 trillion, which represents a 10,5% growth over the sales recorded for the previous year.

In Colombia, the revenue totaled COP 6,20 trillion, representing 62,3% of Grupo Nutresa’s consolidated sales and growing 8,1% with regard to 2018. More than 80% of this growth was driven by stronger volumes.

International sales in COP amounted to 3,76 trillion, a 14,5% increase over those in 2018, representing 37,7% of total sales. In USD, these sales totaled 1.142 million, 3,0% higher than the previous year.

The gross profit for the period amounts to COP 4,4 trillion, with a 0,8% decrease in the gross margin compared to 2018 as a result of the increase in the cost of commodities and the currency exchange
associated to them.

The operating profit totaled COP 959.621 million, increasing 13,0% based on 2018. Excluding the effects of the IFRS16 standard, this result stands at COP 927.045 million, increasing 9,2%.

Due to the increased revenue and tighter cost and expense management, Grupo Nutresa reports a consolidated EBITDA of COP 1,35 trillion, with a 13,5% sales margin. Excluding the effects of IFRS16, the EBITDA stands at COP 1,2 trillion, with a 6,2% growth and a 12,0% sales margin.

In the post-operative items, the Organization recorded a 22,2% increase in the financial expenses due to the inclusion of the right-of-use liability derived from the application of the IFRS16 standard. The expenses associated to financial debt interests declined as a result of lower rates.

The operating profit stands at COP 506.398 million, growing 0,2% compared to 2018, and represents 5,1% of sales. Excluding the IFRS16 effect, it amounts to COP 533.810 million, with a 5,6% growth and a 5,4% net sales margin.

Separate Financial Statements of Grupo Nutresa S.A.

The Separate Financial Statements of Grupo Nutresa S.A. report COP 515.139 million in net operating revenues, from which COP 453.646 million correspond to profits obtained from the equity method of the investments in food companies, and COP 61.493 million correspond to investment portfolio dividends. The net profit totaled COP 513.898 million.

The Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements, as of December 31, 2019, as well as the related financial indicators, are an integral part of this release.

Proposed dividend

The Board of Directors of Grupo Nutresa S. A. approved the profit distribution project, which will be submitted for the consideration of the Shareholders Assembly on March 24, 2020. The project proposes a monthly dividend of COP 54,10 per share for the April 2020-March 2021 period, representing an increase of 6,08% regarding the current dividend of COP 51,00 per share.

Progress in the model of Corporate Sustainability

Grupo Nutresa’s main purpose is to contribute to the construction of a better world where sustainable development is for everyone. Motivated by this goal and driven by our own sustainable development agenda, the Company made significant progress throughout 2019 towards becoming an organization that considers and integrates environmental, social and economic aspects in all its operations.

As a result of this conviction, Grupo Nutresa was acknowledged as the most sustainable food company in the Dow Jones World Index 2019, scoring top ratings in highly relevant corporate practices such as health and nutrition, materiality, tax strategy, human capital development, corporate citizenship and philanthropy, operational eco-efficiency, packaging materials, water-related risks and environmental reporting.

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