Inspiring development, growth and innovation

Grupo Nutresa strives to permanently create value and distribute it among its stakeholders through relevant drivers such as an ethical and transparent corporate behavior and the Company’s performance in the markets, which is supported on the development of the geographies, as well as on growth, competitiveness and digital transformation with the purpose of generating a business model that can easily adapt to the changing and challenging global business environment.

Material topics


Establishing a conduct framework governed by transparency, integrity and ethics by developing management, information reporting, and risk control and management policies with the objective of strengthening the Organization’s trust-based relationships for the benefit of the shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Management approach

  • Consolidating capabilities and promoting a conduct focused on an upstanding behavior, corporate governance and risk management.
  • Watching over the compliance with laws, regulations and corporate governance practices while ensuring their monitoring and relevance in time.
  • Integrating the risk management and internal control processes with the strategy to create value for the Organization.
  • Strengthening the organizational resilience.


Profitably growing based on the construction of a category and geography portfolio that maximizes the creation of value through memorable experiences with effective commercial networks, and generates synergies that optimize the working capital.

Economic and sociopolitical environment: Agilely managing the political and economic risks that may affect the Company’s competitiveness, and contributing to the construction of societies based on a deep sense of respect, inclusion, justice and opportunities for everyone.


Management approaches

  • Consolidating the geography development model.
  • Strengthening the brands’ differentiated value propositions.
  • Making progress in the development of the commercial networks.
  • Strengthening the strategies in terms of market entry, omnichannel capabilities and e-commerce.
  • Improving the level of competitiveness.
  • Optimizing the use of working capital.
  • Managing the tax strategy based on complete transparency criteria.


Consolidating the Company’s close relationships with its consumers, shoppers, clients and customers, as well as their preference, satisfaction and loyalty by delivering differentiated value propositions that contribute to their growth, profitability and sustainability.

Management approach

  • Strengthening commercial networks and generating satisfaction and loyalty among the stakeholders.
  • Reinforcing the brands with a superior purpose that showcases their commitment.
  • Developing plans and projects centered on enhancing the clients’ business capabilities and consolidating inclusion-driven business models that contribute to the stakeholders’ development.
  • Strengthening the commercial and distribution processes to reduce the environmental impact
  • Managing both the communications and the advertising responsibly.


Ensuring the continuity of the business, capitalizing on opportunities and managing the risks that are not directly controlled by the Company by incorporating economic, social and environmental variables in the management of the supply chain.


Management approach

  • Improving and broadening the coverage of the strategic sourcing model.
  • Bridging sustainable-sourcing gaps.
  • Managing the availability and volatility of the prices of commodities.
  • Implementing the comprehensive foreign trade logistics model as an action for mitigating the impact of the disruption in the global supply chains.


Incorporating capabilities based on digital services, taking as a starting point the cultural transformation, the development and adoption of new technologies, the identification of new business models, the development of the value
chain, and the evolution of both data and analytics.

Management approach

  • Developing and incorporating into the Organization new capabilities based on digital services.
  • Exploring and adopting new technologies.
  • Boosting the market entry processes through digital channels/e-commerce.
  • Guaranteeing the data privacy and security for all consumers, shoppers, clients and customers.
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