News Release from Grupo Nutresa’s Board of Directors

12 November, 2021

As it is publicly known, Colombian local authorities ordered the suspension of the trading of Grupo Nutresa’s shares in the Colombian Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia), for having received a proposal for a tender offer, which the company´s management had no knowledge of.

The information available to Grupo Nutresa’s Board of Directors and its management team is the information that has been made public so far.

The recipients of the offer, if authorized by local authorities, would be Grupo Nutresa’s shareholders, according to applicable law.

Grupo Nutresa´s Board of Directors,, its management team, the administrators and employees of all related companies must (i) comply with all obligations applicable to listed companies in this type of operations; and (ii) continue to guide and operate the company and all related companies within the ordinary course of business, keeping its governance standards and maintaining the purpose of building a better world where development benefits everyone.

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