Nutresa Joined the Celebration of World Health Day

8 April, 2016

Yesterday, Thursday, April 7, World Health Day was celebrated, a date commemorating the entry into force of the Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO), the authority that directs and coordinates international health matters in the United Nations system.

As leader of the food industry in Colombia -and one of the most important players in its strategic region- Grupo Nutresa joined this celebration by highlighting some of the most important achievements in matters of promoting nutrition, wellness and pleasure that it has recently reached.

Today, we are happy to report that we accompany the WHO in promoting healthy lifestyles, and we demonstrate this through the following initiatives:

• Grupo Nutresa companies that have consolidated the Healthy Organizations (HO) management system have improved their indicators in cardiovascular risk, abdominal circumference, weight, increased physical activity, and decreased consumption of tobacco, in the context of a culture of self–care in their employees.

• In Chile, we deployed the Healthy Space Childhood Obesity Prevention Program in public schools, led by the University of Chile and supported by our subsidiary Tresmontes Lucchetti. In 2015, this project received the Avonni National Innovation Award in the category of Public Innovation.

• In Colombia, we joined the Healthy Lifestyles strategy in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the World Food Programme, UNICEF and the University of Antioquia, which seeks to strengthen the capacities of children and adolescents in terms of healthy eating, physical activity and hygiene practices.

• Finally, our Nutresa–brand campaign Enjoy a Healthy Life received the distinction in Colombia as one of the best campaigns in 2015.

The Company has consumers at the center of its strategy and, in this sense, its purpose is to ensure their health and quality of life by promoting healthy lifestyles through campaigns and awareness and training programs; manufacturing safe foods that meet the expectations of nutrition, wellness and pleasure; and adequate communications that generate trust and encourage responsible consumption through clear labeling and integral advertising to enable conscious, informed decisions.

Additionally, one of the strategic priorities for sustainability that the Company has adopted to achieve its long–term strategy is to Promote Healthy Living. To this end, the Organization has established clear goals in terms of increasing references with front labeling, production in certified centers and increased sales from brands and products that meet a healthy nutritional profile.

With all this, the Organization not only recognizes the importance of health to achieve a productive, happy life, but it reaffirms its support to the different countries in its strategic region in achieving its commitments to the World Health Organization.

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