Nutresa will donate 200,000 food parcels to vulnerable communities

6 April, 2020
  • ÁBACO, the Colombian Food Bank Association, will distribute the food parcels.
  • Vulnerable families from 18 Colombian cities will benefit from this donation.
  • We are aware of our great responsibility in ensuring the supply of food to our society,” Carlos Ignacio Gallego, Grupo Nutresa CEO.

Medellín, April 6, 2020. Consistent with its decision to manage the impact of COVID-19 with the deepest sense of humanity, Grupo Nutresa announces the delivery of 200.000 food parcels to people economically affected by the measures focused on containing the disease in Colombia. This initiative is the latest of several other actions the Organization has been carrying out.

These food parcels will be delivered through the Colombian Food Bank Association (ÁBACO) as part of two programs Grupo Nutresa has become involved with: “Unidos Somos Más País” (Together we’re a greater country) organized by the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI) and “Colombia Cuida a Colombia” (Colombia takes care of Colombia), an initiative supported by multiple civil-society and private-sector organizations.

Each food parcel contains products of Grupo Nutresa’s brands Saltín Noel, Zenú, Doria, Sello Rojo, Chocolate Corona, Harina Corona (flour), Chocolisto and Festival, selected with the aim of covering part of the nourishment needs of approximately 710.000 people in 18 Colombian cities.

The food parcel assembly process will be supported by a team of volunteers from the Organization, who will contribute all their food selection and parcel packaging knowledge and capabilities. To finish the process, the Colombian Food Bank Association (ÁBACO) will be in charge of delivering the food parcels to the people.

The food parcel delivery process started three weeks ago with the work carried out by Grupo Nutresa’s Volunteer Network, which has donated approximately 5.400 additional units to the same communities so far.

Contribution to people’s health

Through a joint effort with Proantioquia (private, non-profit foundation), Grupo Nutresa participated in the recent donation of resources to enhance the capacity of the intensive care units in Medellin’s hospitals in the context of the contingency caused by COVID-19 in Colombia.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, Grupo Nutresa’s CEO made the following statement in this regard: “Since the first cases of the disease in Colombia, we took on the principle of addressing the situation by always thinking about the common good and with the clarity that people’s health and lives are the main priority. We are also aware of our great responsibility in ensuring the supply of food to our society, as well as making our greatest effort to preserve the jobs of our employees while cooperating with public and private allies to protect the most vulnerable populations. Today, more than ever, We Are the Sum of All.”

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