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20 March, 2023

Driving a semi-trailer truck is a challeng – ing and demanding task. For many, it is a taxing job but for Ángela it is a job that speaks of her capabilities.

There is an ongoing party at this 33-year-old woman’s home. Ángela María Rengifo and her two daughters, Juliana and Salomé, 17 and 16 years old respectively, are overjoyed because they are together after a productive day of work and study. Ángela María has changed paradigms, she has been a young mom and wife, and she has a demanding profession uncommon among women: she drives a semi-trailer truck. In 2022, with more than 10 years of ex – perience and thousands of kilometers trav – eled as driver of heavy vehicles, Ángela María started a recruitment process through the ‘Amelias’ program deployed by Grupo Nu – tresa’s company Opperar Colombia, which opens job positions for female drivers.

Filled with illusion, she was hired as primary trans – portation operator and, performing this role, Ángela María reasserts that there are no limits when she sets her mind and puts all the effort to achieve something. Her days in this position have been more than enjoyable, from the training ses – sions driving an automatic-transmission semi-trailer truck to the first trips across the country, during which she received full support from the Organization. Ángela María’s story is proof that there are no exclusive pro – fessions for men and that women can contribute a different and enriching perspective to logistics processes. Her perma – nent commitment, responsibili – ty, order and open-mindedness, in addition to her never-ending cheerfulness and extroversion have opened both personal and professional pathways for her. Becoming a mom at an early age represented no limitation, on the contrary, motherhood turned into the engine that enabled her to get ahead.

She learned how to drive from her mother, who also works driving a mixer truck. To arrive where she is today, Ángela María has had the key support from her husband and several friends, all men, who as colleagues have shown her op – portunities, given her advice and fully trusted her capabilities. Ángela María values her job in Opperar, a company that pro – vides her with employment stability, with work days that allow her to balance her personal and work life, a company that takes care of her and gives her time to be at home and a fair compensation that enables her to make her dreams come true and nour – ishes her family’s dreams too. “Honestly, I have only experienced something like this in this company. I really appreciate the time I get to share with my family because there’s no point in giving them a lot of things if I can’t enjoy all those things with them,” Ángela María says.

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