Fostering profitable growth and effective innovation

In this strategic priority,
Grupo Nutresa explains the progress and management of two material issues:

Profitable gorwth in the markets and Reliable brands with an excellent price-value ratio


Profitable development of the strategic markets with brands, distribution networks and value propositions that deliver memorable and differentiated experiences that fulfill the needs, motivations and purposes of customers, shoppers and consumers of different segments.
On the other hand, to understand the new realities of the market, the culture and the society through the Brands and Networks Management Model, and through a portfolio of brands and products based on the everyday life in pursuit of the consumers’ quality of life.

Effective innovation


Supporting the achievement of the Organization’s strategic goals transversely by using the capacity for innovation as a growth booster, as well as the results achieved. For Grupo Nutresa, effective innovation consists in the correct understanding of the needs of both customers and consumers, which translates into products, services, processes or business models that contribute solutions and add value.

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