Strengthening and supporting the potential of the employees

20 March, 2023
Andrea Peña Martínez and Alexander Misal Pahuana | Integrated Operators

GC Foods was incorporated as a result of the Organization’s search for territo – ry competitiveness and development. It is a production plant whose construction began in 2022 in Santa Marta, Colombia, during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We found ourselves facing the major challenge of including local people from the region who had no previous experience or knowledge regarding food. So we created an integrated operator profile and established a partnership with the SENA (Colombia’s National Learning Service) to design a special technical program focused on recruitment and preparation for industrial production. That was how the human talent training took place,” recalled Laura Marcela Sandoval Gómez, Human Talent Management Leader from GC Foods. During the first recruitment stage in 2022, the employees received training and were subsequently certified with 2.329 study hours.

This process included the develop – ment of skills related to the aspects of being, such as teamwork, leadership and empathy,and to the aspects of doing, such as methods for achieving a productive management, equip – ment operation, preparation of the production systems and per – formance of production plant stoppage activities. “For me, it was something really beautiful because I was able to start working right after I graduated from high school. Grupo Nutresa gave me the opportunity to improve the quality of life of my family and to continue learn – ing. Now, thanks to the Compa – ny, I hold a technical degree. The next step for me is to become a professional in a career related to the food industry,” states An – drea Peña Martínez, integrated operator from GC Foods. Another participant, Alexander Misal, who lost his job during the pandemic, says that GC Foods enabled him to rejoin the em – ployment market and certify the knowledge he already had thanks to prior work experience as an operator. “Grupo Nutresa gave me stability.

My dream is to keep growing with the Company, that is why I want to study and become a systems engineer,” claims Alexander.

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