We are the most Sustainable food company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

8 December, 2023

According to the results of the DJSI Sustainability Index 2023, which were published today, Grupo Nutresa maintains its top position as the most sustainable food company in both the World and Emerging Markets (MILA) Indices. The Company has occupied this position since 2020.

In 2023, the Organization obtained outstanding results in the multiple evaluated dimensions, thus reflecting its commitment to enhancing the growing generation of value for all its stakeholders through development, growth and innovation, but especially through the cooperation with people, its partners and society, while also focusing on preserving the planet.

Within the people dimension, the promoters of the acknowledgment as the most sustainable company in the DJSI World Index 2023 centered on: the Organization’s Human Rights management system, which includes the management of diverse, balanced and inclusion-driven talent as the source of competitive advantage; its Health and Nutrition management and policy, which aims to fulfill the consumers’ aspirations of nutrition, health and well-being; and the development of the Company’s human capital, focused on its employee potential development programs.

As for the planet dimension, the practices that drove the distinction consisted in: the management of both risks and opportunities associated with climate change; the biodiversity preservation work in the Gualí Wetland (Cundinamarca, Colombia) and in other water stress areas; its circularity efforts, which aim to ensure 100% of the packaging used by the Company is recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2030; as well as the sustainable practices in terms of sourcing, which enable the Organization to make progress in the consolidation of more responsible and productive supply processes.

Finally, in the prosperity dimension, Grupo Nutresa deploys leading practices related to the management of its materiality, which is a key tool for the construction of effective corporate strategies; its sustainability reporting practices, focused on the GRI, SASB and TCFD standards over the past year; the progress the Company has made regarding its Exemplary Supplier program, which identifies and acknowledges practices and projects related to the sustainability of its suppliers; its Corporate innovation management model, known as Imagix, which helps to boost the Organization’s competitiveness.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices consist in a set of indices that aggregate the companies with the best performances in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), which is organized by S&P Global Sustainable1 and includes the participation of more than 7,300 companies from all around the world, as of December 2023. The assessment is based on a survey with more than 150 questions about economic, environmental and social topics, focusing on the specific criteria of each industry with a relevant impact on the companies’ capability to generate value in the long term.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, Grupo Nutresa’s CEO, stated the following in this regard: “Our adoption of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index criteria is a story of a deep learning experience, on the one hand, and of the strengthening of a consistent and coherent collaborative work model, on the other hand. This trajectory has marked our evolution as a corporation hand in hand with our stakeholders, who have found in Grupo Nutresa a trustworthy and committed company that makes progress with them. This new acknowledgment inspires us as an Organization to continue furthering initiatives that enable us to keep Building a better world where development is for everyone.

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