Policies and commitments

Policies and commitments

Cooperating with people, our partners and society

Nutrition Policy

Human Rights Policy

Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Investment

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Non Harassment Commitment

Remuneration Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Employee Diversity_GRI 102-8_ GRI 405-1

Preserving the planet

Corporate Environmental Policy

Food Loss and Waste Policy

Water Resource Policy

Packaging Policy

Genetically Modified Organisms Policy

Biodiversity Policy

Climate Change Policy

Guide of standards for responsible and productive sourcing processes

Inspiring development, growth and innovation

Corporate Governance Code

Policy for donations in favor of democracy and political activity

Information Disclosure Policy

Responsible Sourcing Guide 2022

Animal Welfare Practices

Commitment With Animal Welfare

Sustainability Audit Policy For Suppliers

Handbook Of Good Agricultural Practices For Durum Wheat Production

Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption And Anti-Bribery Policy

Supplier's Code Of Conduct

Contributions and other spending 2021

Compliance risk management policy ml/tf/fpwmd-c/tb

Integrated Risk Management Policy

Information Security Policy

Materials and Services Supply Risks

Statement of source of income

Guide of standards for responsible and productive sourcing processes

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