Conservation of biodiversity and resilience to climate change!

29 June, 2023

Grupo Nutresa strives to conserve natural resources by strengthening initiatives that contribute to taking care of biodiversity and increasing the resilience to climate change with the implementation of projects associated with the coffee and cocoa sourcing chains, and developing models focused on improving the productivity and sustainable management in the production operations of rural communities.

These initiatives contribute to fulfilling the goal for 2030 of ensuring 100% of the supplies are sourced in a productive and sustainable way while preserving biodiversity.

Conservation of the tropical dry forest Through Fundación Nutresa and Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, and in partnership with the “Riqueza Natural” (Natural wealth) program created by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Organization has executed the initiative called “Comprehensive strengthening of the productive linkage of cocoa with a vision focused on the conservation of the tropical dry forest ecosystem in the Colombian state of Cesar” in the municipalities of La Paz, La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril and Agustín Codazzi. This initiative benefits 115 families who are part of three associations of small cocoa growers. Through to this project, Fundación Nutresa, Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, the “Riqueza Natural” program and the community have invested COP 1,669,554,549, enabling to intervene 4,279.5 hectares based on a participative property tax planning approach.

The project has also allowed delivering 78,375 units of native forest species for the reforestation and vegetative restocking of zones degraded by erosion or water resource protection zones. Additionally, the production capacity of the communities was increased through the delivery of 22,900 units of coca plant material to expand or rehabilitate the plantations based on a sustainable production approach.

The following are some of the achievements that stand out: 52 meetings under the ‘rural schools’ methodology focused on the social-organizational strengthening, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the development of capabilities related to the management of the cocoa agroforestry system based on a sustainable approach.

Delivery of 115 kits of landscape management tools and 115 plantation management tools. Organization of 36 “rural school” events addressing subjects such as the agro-ecological restoration of the tropical dry forest, efficient management of the soil and the water resources, functional biodiversity, climate change and agro-climate risk management. More than 800 visits focusing on technical support and training processes. With these actions, Grupo Nutresa continues promoting the sustainable use of natural resources in the cocoa production chain by linking the restoration, conservation and connectivity of
the tropical dry forests in Colombia.

Conservation of the Andean bear’s habitat Grupo Nutresa has adhered to the “Conservamos la Vida” (Let’s conserve life) partnership, thus joining Wildlife

Conservation Society Colombia (WCS), the ARGOS Foundation and Colcafé in implementing production enhancing actions in coffee-growing communities from the Águila and Tambo municipalities in the Colombian states of Valle del Cauca and Cauca, respectively. These actions enable the conservation of the natural habitats of the Andean bear (Andean forests, high Andean forests and paramos) and the improvement of the production practices carried out by the rural communities in approximately 757 hectares comprised by their land properties.

This initiative is also supported by our Café Matiz brand with the aim of ensuring the conservation of the Andean bear, which is currently considered an endangered species. The achievements of the initiative include:

  • Creation of three (3) committees of coffee farmers and Andean bear conservators, which are tasked with the commercial, operating and administrative management of the production of the Andean Bear Coffee.
  • Characterization of 18 coffee-growing land plots, thus allocating 25 hectares to coffee production and 191 hectares as conservation areas.
    Organization of workshops for developing capabilities in the communities. The activities addressed subjects such as: biodiversity conservation, preservation and positive engagement principles, in addition to sharing knowledge to maintain the monitoring activities in the estates. These actions will favor the conservation of the Andean bear, good practices associated with the reduction in the use of water and the regulation of the use of chemical products that could have adverse effects on human health, as well as on the fauna and flora of the region.
  • Installation of 23 camera traps, which have allowed sighting Andean bears and other endemic species, such as pumas, ocelots, foxes, tayras, raccoons, coatis, armadillos, anteaters, opossums, pacas and squirrels.
  • Commercialization of the Andean Bear Matiz Coffee special edition; with the actions carried out, the community will be able to continue producing and ensuring the supply of this special coffee.

With this initiative, Grupo Nutresa not only contributes to the recovery of natural habitats for the Andean bear, but also improves the quality of life of the rural communities through the optimization of their production systems, thus enhancing their
resilience. In this sense, the presence of the Andean bear species
in intervened ecosystems, such as the coffee-growing land in this
zone, proves that the adequate management of areas of
conservation and sustainable production makes it feasible to
protect the habitat of a large mammal such as the Andean bear
and ensure a harmonious cohabitation of this species and people.

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