Diverse, equitable and inclusion-driven culture

3 April, 2024

Grupo Nutresa promotes a work culture that respects people’s rights and freedom without distinction as to race, ethnic heritage, gender, language, religion, political opinion, nationality, economic position or sexual orientation based on diversity-focused environments that foster more inclusion-driven, creative, fair and flexible work teams centered on creating value.

  • 61 women have participated in technical training activities focused on logistics assistance, customer support tools, supply chain and forklift operation.
  • 4,880 hours invested in training.

Before taking on her role as a logistics and forklift assistant at Novaventa, Sindy Mestra Pantoja travelled from Sahagún, Córdoba, to Medellín, Antioquia, in Colombia. Her journey was motivated by the desire to find a more promising future for her and her family.

Sindy remembers that her employment history started in the cleaning service sector because she did not see any other possible and feasible option with her work experience, being 28 years old and having only a high school diploma.

The commitment to her life project and to working for the well-being of her family and her two children, who were 10 and 6 years old, motivated her to participate in the Women’s promotion platform in logistics, where she was able to develop soft skills, acquire technical capabilities related to logistics and forklift operation, and learn about women’s empowerment and gender equality. This training not only opened the door to Grupo Nutresa for her, but it also strengthened her self-confidence and sense of purpose.

Today, as she evaluates the time she has been working as a logistics and forklift assistant in the Company, Sindy is motivated and driven to inspire other women to believe in their capabilities and female potential.

“At the beginning, I told my mother and, then, my children’s father. All of them supported me and told me that they were sure I would make it,” tells Sindy Mestra.

The Women’s promotion platform in logistics created by the Company is centered on the “Generando Equidad” (Generating equity) project developed in collaboration with Fundación Nutresa and the USAID. This project provides tangible benefits for our Organization as it can draw upon all the human potential by fostering an inclusion-driven and productive work environment while also promoting and enhancing individual progress.

“It was a long but satisfactory process. I want to keep this job because I’m happy, I have the support of my colleagues and it makes me very proud knowing that I can do the work that has been traditionally performed by men,” explains Sindy.

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