Grupo Nutresa celebrates its 10 th
International Volunteer Day

29 September, 2023

In partnership with the Andi Foundation, Grupo Nutresa celebrated the International
Volunteer Day in 19 Latin American regions, honoring the flavors and wisdom of the
territories through the “El Poder de Mil – Vamos Nutresa” (Power of a thousand – Let’s
Go Nutresa) initiative.
In alignment with the SDG 2 – Zero Hunger, the Organization focuses its solidary actions
on contributing to the food security and healthy lifestyles of our communities.
That is why this annual event started in August, when we took to the streets to walk around
the territories. Guided by 127 volunteers from the Ice Cream, Cold Cuts, Coffee,
Chocolates, Pastas and Retail Food Business Units, and from Comercial Nutresa,
Novaventa, Atlantic Food, La Recetta and GC Foods, we had the opportunity to listen to
the needs of the communities with the purpose of prioritizing the activities that were
executed within the framework of our tenth International Volunteer Day celebration.
This edition of the “El Poder de Mil” program included the participation of 1,390
Grupo Nutresa Volunteers, who contributed through their solidarity by donating some of
their time to benefit more than 4,300 people in the Colombian states of Antioquia,
Atlántico, Bogotá, Valle del Cauca and Magdalena, and in other countries, such as Mexico,
Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Peru, United States, Guatemala, Ecuador,
Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

This volunteering actions enabled building 900 square meters of productive gardens,
which represent 13 community vegetable and aromatic plant gardens in Colombia,
Panama, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and El Salvador.
In addition, we organized and held fun learning activities to promote healthy habits and
lifestyles among 2,512 children.

Moreover, with support from the Food Banks, we prepared and served 3,587 meals to
children and seniors at 18 community kitchens.

Finally, we were able to transform the territories with the creation of eight murals, along
with activities focused on cleaning the locations and planting ornamentals with the purpose
of embellishing the prioritized areas.

Once more, we celebrated the solidarity, empathy and sense of collectivity of our Grupo
Nutresa Volunteers, who make their human talent available to take truly purposeful actions
that contribute to overcoming the global challenges currently facing our society.
The following were the highlights of the “El Poder de Mil” Program:


Saciar Foundation’s “Templo Comedor Vallejuelos” (Vallejuelos Community Kitchen
Temple) in Medellín:

Solahis Foundation’s Community Kitchen in the Ajizal rural district of the municipality
of Itagüí:

“Rosalía Hoyos” Education Institution’s School Community Kitchen in the La
Primavera rural district of the municipality of Marinilla:

El Porvenir del Río neighborhood’s Cultural Center in the municipality of Mosquera:

“Nuestro Nido” (Our Nest) Garden in Villa Nidia, located in the Usaquén District:

Valle del Cauca

Creeser Foundation’s Community Kitchen in Cali’s Altos de Menga neighborhood:

“El Pozo de la Felicidad” Foundation’s Community Kitchen in the La Concepción
neighborhood of the municipality of Soledad:

Villa Betel neighborhood community:

Other geographies:


Topampa School Center’s community kitchen in Mexico City and Fundación de Dios y
Esperanza in the state of Jalisco:

United States:
Houston, Texas – “Star of Hope” Organization:

“Pedro Aguirre Cerda” Association in the Valparaíso Region:

“María Reina Fe y Alegría” School’s community kitchen in Guayaquil:

Costa Rica
“Pavas” Municipal Children Center in San José:

“San Juan del Lurigancho” Potluck in Lima:


Children’s House No. 3:

El Salvador
San Salvador:


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