Grupo Nutresa cultivates life in the Biosuroeste Agro-Park!

29 June, 2023

Grupo Nutresa is committed to the rural development of the territories. This is why, since 2020, along with the Bancolombia Foundation, Comfama and the Biosuroeste Agro-Park, we have been working on the “Conectores de Progreso” (Progress Connectors) project. This initiative is intended to articulate the offer provided by the corporate foundations based on the development of capabilities related to food security, rural family economy and agroecology for the benefit of vulnerable communities in the municipalities of Támesis and Valparaíso.

On June 2, thirty-two Grupo Nutresa volunteers from Atlantic Food, Opperar, Servicios Nutresa and Fundación Nutresa participated in the construction of the agroecological lighthouse, a vegetable production initiative. This endeavor is based on a regenerative approach and is intended to produce a positive impact on the community of the Cártama province, in the Southwestern region of the Colombian state of Antioquia.

As part of this solidarity-driven activity, Grupo Nutresa’s volunteers were able to learn the regenerative and profitable production methods that the Biosuroeste Agro-Park has implemented. Additionally, 1,500 seedlings were planted with the aim of contributing to the food security and nutrition of the Agro-Park’s neighboring communities.

With this type of initiatives, Grupo Nutresa keeps promoting regenerative rural development based on the exchange of knowledge and collaborative work to continue taking actions that enable us to cooperate with people and preserve our planet.

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