Grupo Nutresa joined the ANDIFoundation’s “Vamos Colombia” initiativein Dabeiba, Antioquia

12 February, 2024

Grupo Nutresa believes in volunteering as a development scenario, that is why we work on
partnerships and initiatives that make it possible to put the solidarity and human talent of
our Nutresa Volunteers at the service of society.

From the 22 nd to the 25 th of February, we joined the ANDI Foundation’s ‘Vamos
Colombia’ (Let’s go, Colombia) volunteering initiative along with Grupo Argos, Sura,
Bancolombia, Haceb, Pintuco, the Colombian National Army and participants from
the Agency for Reintegration and Normalization. This 29 th edition of ‘Vamos Colombia,’
a program organized by the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI), was
focused on benefiting the population of San José de Urama, a sub-district of the
Municipality of Dabeiba, in the Colombian state of Antioquia.

This time, ‘Vamos Dabeiba’ included the participation of 160 volunteers, 22 of whom
were from Grupo Nutresa’s companies Nacional de Chocolates, Galletas Noel, Molinos
Santa Marta, Colcafé, La Recetta, Opperar Colombia, Servicios Nutresa, Fundación
Nutresa, Novaventa, Gestión Cargo, Setas, Alimentos Cárnicos and Industria de
Alimentos Zenú.

The infrastructure improvement activities in community and education facilities, the health
brigade sessions, the coffee and panela production project work days and the construction of a drinking water solution project are gathering scenarios that enable the volunteers and the Dabeiba farm families to rediscover diversity as an essential value of our society.

In this edition of ‘Vamos Colombia,’ one of the active participations of Grupo
Nutresa’s volunteering program consisted in furnishing a toy library for the 200+
children from the San José de Urama sub-district, where Colcafé delivered shelves and
multi-use tables, and the volunteers contributed didactic materials, school supplies and
children’s books to the toy library.

Additionally, within the framework of this initiative, Bancolombia and the Probono
Foundation organized legal and financial training workshops for the production
organizations and family businesses, as well as cultural activities where the participants
shared technical and traditional knowledge, and stories of resilience and reconciliation.
Together we will continue mobilizing collaborative work and solidarity to keep
Building a better world where development is for everyone.

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