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13 September, 2023

Grupo Nutresa keeps working on fostering food security strategies that enable food availability in vulnerable populations through the implementation of urban and rural productive gardens.

That is why, since 2017, the Organization has been developing initiatives that contribute to the eradication of hunger and create possibilities related to nutrition and to the development of capabilities within the communities through Grupo Nutresa’s Germinar Program.

Germinar is a food security strategy (food access, safety, availability and consumption) that implements agro-ecological practices for the production of food, respects the communities’ right to choose their own production strategies and promotes healthy lifestyles among the participants.

Active projects and results in Colombia

Currently, the Company has seven ongoing projects in the regions of Antioquia, Cartagena, Caquetá, Cundinamarca, Manizales, Meta and Quindío, where 1.2 tons of fruits and vegetables have been harvested jointly with the communities, benefiting 328 Colombian families.

In Manizales and in collaboration with the Ice Cream Business and the local Food Bank, the Organization gathered efforts to contribute economic and human resources for setting up and maintaining the home-based productive gardens for 45 families located in the La Fuente district and in the Santa Ana neighborhood, in the municipality of Villa María.

This articulated work has enabled the construction of 600 square meters (6,458 square feet) of productive gardens that produce an 873-kg harvest of fruits and vegetables, providing close to 2,200 food servings and allowing to achieve COP 4,608,183 in savings for the participant families. In addition, with the intermediation of the local Food Bank, the Company has conducted food barter actions where the farmers have the opportunity to exchange kilograms of the fruits and vegetables they harvest in their home-based productive gardens for essential household products, thus integrating other nutritional sources that allow ensuring food security in the communities addressed by the Germinar Program.

With this type of initiatives, Grupo Nutresa keeps contributing to improving the well-being and quality of life of its stakeholders based on the development of capabilities and sustainable food sourcing. Our commitment to food security and sustainable development remains an essential priority in all our actions.

Together, we can continue sowing good habits through sustainable food sourcing.

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