Grupo Nutresa organized and held a solidarity-driven activity to contribute to food security

25 April, 2023

Grupo Nutresa strives to be part of the solution by boosting, through volunteering, initiatives that enable the Organization to strengthen partnerships centered on food security and reduce hunger in the most vulnerable communities.

Therefore, in collaboration with the Saciar Foundation, Grupo Nutresa developed the “Todos Contra el Hambre”(Everyone against hunger) volunteering initiative, which has the objective of enhancing the sense of collectivity and facilitating the access to food in the soup kitchens served by the mentioned food bank in Medellín.

The solidarity-driven activity was carried out at Templo Comedor Vallejuelos in Medellín, with the participation of volunteers from the Cold Cuts and Coffee Business Units, and from Servicios Nutresa, Opperar, Novaventa and Fundación Nutresa, who donated more than 100 kilograms of food to serve more than 200 children and senior citizens assisted by the soup kitchen.

With this type of initiatives, the Organization confirms the importance of getting closer to other people’s realities and keep bringing hope and optimism to the communities that need so the most.

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