Grupo Nutresa strives to promote gender equality and youth empowerment

22 February, 2024

Grupo Nutresa is convinced that young people are the engine of transformation and
progress. That is why, through our Foundation and in partnership with the USAID and
the Acertar Foundation,
we develop soft skills and technical capabilities with a gender
equality focus within the framework of our Integra Program among 125 youths in the age
range of 14 to 28 years old
who belong to the family core of shopkeeper women, members
of the honey and sacha inchi production projects, and local young people from Cartagena
and Carmen de Bolívar.

Over the course of this process, we organized and held 9 workshops in a period of 4
where we were able to support the re-signification of young people’s life projects
through human development training, psychosocial support, awareness-raising
regarding inequality and gender stereotypes and the identification of opportunities
and paths to gain access to education, employment and entrepreneurship.

The purpose of this initiative is to promote youth leadership by strengthening their role in
the generational replacement processes, developing their critical thinking and mobilizing
topics related to gender equality and women leadership in the territories.

Together we will continue working on building a better world through the inclusion of our
country’s young people
as agents of change who enable the development of the

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