Gualí wetland, participative conservationof biodiversity

3 April, 2024

Grupo Nutresa promotes the prosperity of the communities, the planet and the
industries by implementing good practices and adequately managing the natural
resources along the entire value chain and with our stakeholders. The purpose is to
generate value, mitigate the shortage risks, reduce our environmental footprint and
contribute to the adaption to climate change.

The “Gualí” wetland is comprised of more than 1,196 hectares. There, around Tenjo,
Funza and Mosquera, in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca, species like the
guinea pig, the Andean frog or the Apolinar’s wren pass through eucalyptuses, cypresses
and willows to highlight the richness of more than 96 fauna species and 42 flora species.
Knowing that collectively the efforts are multiplied and that we can create innovation
processes that have a positive impact on the territories and the care for biodiversity, through
the Pastas Business and its Doria brand, Grupo Nutresa established a partnership
with Universidad EAN and the ANDI with the aim of promoting the conservation of this
strategic ecosystem that is essential not only for the nearby municipalities, but for the entire

The activities defined for the medium term to execute this initiative include: managing in a
sustainable way the fauna and flora of the wetland that are in vulnerable conditions;
designing innovation, research and social knowledge internalization programs; adequately
managing the waste in the area of influence and promoting circular economy strategies and
green business opportunities; enhancing the capabilities and skills for nature-focused
tourism; and developing participative programs for restoration actions and climate change

In the words of María Eugenia Rinaudo Mannucci, Sustainability Director at Universidad
EAN, by securing the well-being of the species and the ecosystems, the social well-being is
also promoted with vitality, abundance and fairness.
In addition, by means of the active participation of the communities, their ideas and the
understanding of their needs, the Organization fostered the creation of a portfolio of nature-
based solutions that enables the sustainability of the wetland. By resorting to collective
conversations, meetings and visits, it was possible to:

– Create 120 solutions that will promote an environmentally sustainable and
responsible tourism.
-Understand the functions and importance of these ecosystems.
– Identify threatened and endangered species.
– Identifying 37 strategic actors including institutions, environmental corporations,
mayors’ offices, universities and other industries.

This is how we create a future together and generate value for the territory with the
collaborative and participative construction of a network of partners who are engaged and
committed to taking care of the environment and a sustainable vision of both the present
and the future of the wetland, in addition to the consolidation of an initiative that has
become an example and inspiration for other similar projects across the country and in the

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