Initiatives that promote circularity

3 April, 2024

“Recycling Together, Nutresa Retoma” transcends its
borders to preserve the planet

We are committed to reducing the waste output and maximizing its recovery and
reuse in all our operations and along the entire value chain. We strive to extend the
life cycle of the materials to decrease the pressure on natural resources and mitigate
environmental pollution. Our conviction drives sustainable practices that conserve
ecosystems and protect biodiversity, thus contributing to a healthier and more
balanced future for our planet.

In collaboration with the “Obras del Espíritu Santo” Association in Costa Rica, the
Organization promotes the “Nutresa Retoma” (Retake) initiative to recover flexible plastic
packaging materials with the aim of transforming them into school furniture to benefit kids
and teenagers. In only one year, approximately 25 tons of waste have been recycled, 40
collection stations have been activated, and 13 organizations and 20 education centers have
been gathered around this cause. The “Reciclando Entre Todos” (Recycling Together)
initiative is not only focused on recovering materials for manufacturing school furniture,
but also on getting the community actively involved in managing and repurposing such
resources. Throughout the process, the roles of Father Sergio Arturo Valverde Espinoza,
founder of “Obras del Espíritu Santo” and its partner network have been crucial. Their
commitment to the comprehensive development of the communities has enabled them to
expand the message to the environmental field, demonstrating how the collaboration among
the public, private and social sectors can produce a significant positive impact on the
preservation of the environment and on people’s well-being.

This integration of the environmental focus into social initiatives strengthens the fabric of
the community and lays the foundations for a more sustainable and fair future for everyone.
“Nutresa Retoma” is a sustainable innovation program that addresses in a creative and
novel manner the complex challenge of closing the cycle of packaging materials by putting
our Company’s capabilities, knowledge and assets at the service of the solution to this
social-environmental challenge, while getting multiple stakeholders involved in the

The following achievements have been attained so far:
– Having operations in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama.
-Collecting 174.5 tons of post-consumption plastic packaging materials in ten cities:
eight in Colombia, one in Panama and one in Costa Rica.
-12 children parks have been completed.
-13,500 children have been benefitted.
-600 collection stations have been established.

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