Open innovation focused on sustainability!

3 April, 2023

Grupo Nutresa makes progress in the incorporation of sustainable innovation through a workshop focused on sustainability-driven open innovation.

Over the course of a week, ten London Business School MBA students from seven different countries (Sweden, Canada, India, England, Italy, China and Germany) worked collaboratively with our Organization and its sustainable Latin American chocolate brand Cordillera with the purpose of contributing potential solutions for two sustainability challenges within the social and environmental dimensions.

The students experienced first hand the value propositions of both Grupo Nutresa and Cordillera with guidance provided by an interdisciplinary team whose members have broad knowledge on topics such as sustainability, agricultural promotion, B2B marketing and research & development. Additionally, the students presented high-level proposals in the fields of circular economy and development of the capabilities of cocoa-farming women, thus addressing the strategic challenges set out by the Organization.

We are aware of the fact that research and innovation pave the way for the Company’s future development and help build the necessary skills to inspire the changes we wish to see in the world. To our Organization, innovation entails the constant transformation of processes, products and services that promote dynamic, proactive and flexible models that meet the ever-changing needs of society. That is why these initiatives will enable us to keep developing a collaboration-driven ecosystem to be part of the solution to the global challenges.

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