Responsible and productive sourcing

3 April, 2024

The Organization believes in sustainable agricultural and livestock development and
in the collaborative efforts with our value chain partners focused on achieving high
levels of productivity and competitiveness.

Additionally, the Company promotes practices that preserve nature, and develops
capabilities that bring about transformation and improve the quality of life of the
communities across the strategic region.

– 650 producers received training in the departments of Antioquia, Santander and
– 583 soil analyses to ensure the efficient use of fertilizers and the reduction of
greenhouse gases (GHG).
– Tree and shrub planting actions to constitute agroforestry systems in areas allocated
to the protection of water sources, as live barriers, and in multiple zones (such as
gardens) to feed the bees and other pollinators.

In El Socorro, Santander, Heriberto Calderón Arenas has dedicated more than four decades
to learn about the flavors, textures and aromas of coffee. He cultivates coffee plants
between rows of tangerine trees, which give his coffee beans a citrus flavor that is unique
and highly desirable.

Heriberto participates in the “Café, Biodiversidad y Desarrollo de Empresas Familiares”
(Coffee, biodiversity and development of family businesses) program, which the Coffee
Business has implemented in the Colombian department of Santander with the aim of
developing capabilities focused on achieving sustainable coffee plantations.

In 2023, part of his harvest was used to make Colcafé’s products, and he worked hand in
hand with the Company and his family to increase the productivity and quality of their
coffee and to implement environmentally friendly cultivation practices that protect
biodiversity and respect Human Rights.
Along with his wife, Sandra Milena Mejía, and his three children, Heriberto has fostered
the well-being of everyone in his close circle, promoted employment and boosted crop
diversification with basil, rosemary, peppermint, fennel, canary grass, chard and spinach,
among other.

One of his daughters, Jenny Paola Calderón, who is 22 years old, is a third-generation
coffee grower and she has been involved in coffee production her whole life. For her, as for
her father, their farm is synonymous with hard work, effort and family endeavor.
In his words, Heriberto explains that he manages the wastewater to avoid polluting the
planet, uses a special pit for the pulp, has planted 12 species of trees to improve the
biodiversity, and follows the best practices every day to increase the profitability of their
harvest, thus increasing his and his family’s well-being.

By taking all these actions, not only he contributes to a better future for both people and our
planet, but he also intends to spread happiness, joy and prosperity through each cup of this
coveted beverage that emanates the aroma of La Aguadita’s coffee.

Thus, through the Program for the Sustainability of Coffee Production Enterprises, the
Coffee Business implements, jointly with 650 farmers from the Colombian departments of
Santander, Antioquia and Huila, actions focused on strengthening the generational
replacement, the protection of agroforestry systems, the measurement of the carbon
footprint, the analysis of soils and the formulation of nutrition plans for the plantations.

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