Strategic pillars




Responsible sourcing

The Organization ensures the continuity of the business by capitalizing on opportunities and managing the risks which are not directly controlled by the Company. This is done by incorporating economic, social and environmental variables in the management of the supply chain.

Responsible sales

The Organization provides customers with differentiated value propositions that contribute to their growth, profitability and sustainability, and that allow harnessing value through their satisfaction and loyalty while contributing to the development of the communities by means of the business relations.

Inclusive Business

Inclusion-driven businesses become the means to approach base-level populations. With this initiative implemented by Grupo Nutresa, the Organization contributes to the process of overcoming poverty and identifying alternative businesses that address the increasing consumption in emerging economies, while getting to know consumers better and finding opportunities related to the development of innovative products and services. With these strategies, the Organization consolidates its social and economic capital, which represents a positive contribution to future sustainability. Additionally, the human capital is also strengthened as people receive training and their levels of motivation and commitment grow significantly.

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