Strategic pillars




Food security

The Organization builds capacities with the purpose of promoting food security using a territory-based approach, thus contributing to the mitigation of hunger, the improvement of nutrition and the reduction of food loss and waste by getting both public and private actors involved in the process.

It is a strategy that offers alternatives for the improvement of farmers’ quality of life through the creation and construction of productive gardens that allows them to have food produce for their own consumption, barter or sale..

Food Banks

The Organization is an active collaborator of Food Banks in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, United States and Chile. Fundación Nutresa’s work is supported by Grupo Nutresa’s Business Units and volunteers, who participate in the institutional strengthening process through training activities and capacity-building efforts.
The work carried out with the Food Banks across the strategic region has allowed reducing the loss and waste of food, producing a positive impact on the local availability of food, and generating a supportive economy where lower-resource populations have access to high-quality products. This work is supplemented with a process that includes training, monitoring and assessment regarding good manufacturing practices by the volunteers from the companies that are specialized in this field.




EVS (Healthy lifestyles)

It is an interinstitutional endeavor focused on building the capacities of children and adolescents regarding their habits in terms of a healthy diet, physical activity and key hygiene practices.

The strategy intends to promote and strengthen Healthy Lifestyles in education institutions, aiming to produce a favorable impact on the coverage and quality of education as well.



  • Education secretariats
  • Operators of the Colombian School Food Program (abbreviated PAE in Spanish)
  • School cafeterias
  • Targeted education institutions, school communities, (academic directors, students and parents).
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