Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is Grupo Nutresa’s framework of action, and it is based on the search for people’s progress through the comprehensive development of their capabilities, food security and inclusion-driven businesses, as well as on the preservation of our planet by means of circular solutions, eco-efficiency and responsible sourcing. The preservation of the natural capital and the progress of the social capital are major priorities for Grupo Nutresa and they are directly related to the Organization’s ability to manage the businesses while meeting the expectations and needs of all stakeholders.


In this sense, the Organization manages the risks, capitalizes on the opportunities, constantly strengthens its value chain, improves the quality of its products, enhances the experiences and services it provides, and achieves a level of excellence in its corporate governance practices.


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Materiality is a fundamental part of Grupo Nutresa’s sustainability management system and represents a tool for the formulation of the corporate strategies. Therefore, since 2011, the Organization has been conducting its materiality analysis to identify and confirm the subjects and trends that might have a major impact on its ability to generate value in the short, medium and long term.


In 2021, based on the belief that materiality is a dynamic and evolving exercise that must be adapted to the new trends and challenges emerging from the sustainability context and the industry, the Company updated its materiality analysis, which establishes the basis for managing environmental, social and governance issues, thus becoming the Organization’s road map for 2030.


The materiality analysis has been developed by focusing on the double materiality or perspective approach; it integrates the impact on the environment or the society, as well as the risks and opportunities of the business setting that could affect the Company’s ability to create value in the long term, in addition to the economic performance.

Materiality chart

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Materiality analysis